VAT Filing & Compliance Support

VAT Filing & Compliance Support

We help you submit your VAT returns on time after our thorough review for compliance with legal requirements in all aspects.


With our VAT Filing & Compliance Support services we help you file your VAT returns after a through review that help in avoiding common and frequent mistakes associated with VAT filings. Such as incorrect rates applied to sales, omitted sales, delay in VAT payment/invoices, invalid or missing documents and incorrect claim of VAT in relation to Exempt/non business transactions. Our VAT support services let you focus on your core business, while you fully comply with the VAT filing regulations.


To file VAT returns on timely basis with complete accuracy.


We work in close collaboration with your in-house finance/accounting department, obtain relevant information & documents for preparation of VAT return. Prior to filing, of return your staff double checks it to avoid any mistakes/errors.


  • Professional support to comply with VAT regulations.
  • Significantly increase accuracy of VAT return filing.
  • Cost effective way to obtain expert advice and stay compliant.
  • Continuing VAT advice and support greatly reduces non-compliance of VAT regulations.


  • VAT Return Filing with Federal Tax Authority – Periodic VAT returns filed with Federal Tax Authority well within submission deadline after review for accuracy and compliance with VAT regulations.
  • Continuing advice & updates on VAT – Clients receive continuing advice on improvement of VAT function and latest developments on VAT regulations.

Who should use it?

  • Lacking in house expertise to comply with requirements of VAT return filing.
  • Hesitant to file VAT returns at your own due to high risk of omissions and mistakes towards VAT law compliance.
  • In need of a continuous VAT consultation and advice for renewed confidence and assurance towards VAT compliance.