Business Controls

Business Controls

Delivering successful business outcomes through effective internal controls.




Successful realization of your business strategies rely directly upon the design and effectiveness of underlying business polices, processes, and internal controls. These processes and related controls must function as intended to support your mission. Only robust business controls provide the enabling environment that help you attain your business goals successfully.

The professionals at BroadVision, bring years of experience in designing and reviewing processes, evaluating controls, and making critical recommendations that can increase process efficiencies and reduce risks.

Our select services & solutions include:

  • Policies, Procedures and Processes Development
  • Internal Audit Services
  • Internal Controls Designing and Review
  • Enterprise Risk Management Services

Lets talk to see how we may help you in :

  • Fraud or other white-collar crime detection and prevention
  • Development of anti-corruption policy, bribery prevention policy, and other business policies
  • Internal Business Controls Review Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing
  • Risk based Internal audit and development of Internal audit Plans
  • Operational Reviews
  • Implementing risk management function and support

Business Controls - Services Overview

Reduce risk of uncertainty from your business with well defined polices and clearly laid out procedures and processes.

Our cost effective internal audit services let you stay in complete control of your business with red flags raised for risks, fraud and errors on timely basis.

Improve your business productivity with robust Internal control environment.  We review and help you design effective and strong internal controls pertaining to key business areas.

Our ERM services help you identify the risks affecting your business objectives with a  professional risk assessment methodology, maintaining a risk register and developing risk mitigation plans.