FundingPro Plan™

FundingPro Plan™

Achieve growth and expansion with a robust business plan to obtain business funding.


FundingPro Plan™ is specifically designed for entrepreneurs, startups and growing businesses to raise funds for growth and expansion purposes. This plan is an absolute must for the businesses wishing to raise funds from banks, venture capitalists, potential investors or shareholders. FundingPro Plan engagement is quick, concise and to the point and has all the key components and information that potential investors would look out in business plans with most interest.


To develop a concise business plan aimed at raising funds/capital for short term and long-term business needs.


One-on-One personalized business advisory sessions concluded with a final 2-hour meeting where you receive complete set of deliverables.


  • Achieve business growth and expansion with timely funding.
  • Gain respect of potential investors with a professionally developed business plan.
  • Increase likelihood of securing desired funding with solid business plan.


  • Solid business plan to gain funding – A concise business plan delivered within ten days from the completion of their FundingPro Plan questionnaire. The FundingPro Plan contains all key business plan components and financial projections based on financial outcome scenario aligned to the requirements of most banks.
  • On Going Support – Clients receive 8 weeks email & phone support to clarify important inquiries from investors/banks.

Who should use it?

  • Businesses aiming to obtain bank finance.
  • To raise capital from angel investors, shareholders, Private Equity etc.
  • Business managers who have been trying to complete a plan and need a professional support.