Credit Management Solution

Credit Management Solution

Proactive solution to develop and implement a transparent and successful accounts receivable system.


Our Credit Management Solution is designed to help organizations who increasingly face delay in payments from their customers, have lost oversight of the outstanding receivables and lack a dedicated individual who would keenly chase the outstanding money. BroadVision helps businesses to eliminate defaulters and creates room for ample working capital for your business sustenance and growth.


To manage incoming cash flows and improve the financial health of your business.


  • Minimization of credit risks.
  • Optimized working capital.
  • Improved oversight and understanding of your credit portfolio.
  • Correct balance between commercial and financial relationship with your customers


  • Credit Audit - A thorough analysis of the current credit situation and the processes involved, identifying your financial business process and signaling improvement opportunities to minimize your risks and optimize your working capital.
  • Credit Project - if you lack the time, people or experience to draft your credit policy, we can do this for you. Based on the credit audit, we record internal and external agreements, authorizations and responsibilities into the credit policy
  • Credit Procedures & KPIs - We draft clear procedures and report them with performance indicators in close deliberation with your sales department and taking your corporate culture into account. As a result your risks are minimized, your working capital is optimized, your oversight and understanding of your credit portfolio is improved and the necessary policy information is made available to you.
  • Credit Professional & Outplacement - operational and structural support in organizing and maintaining your accounts receivable ledger, by specialized credit managers who barely require any instructions and ensure direct results.
  • Shared Service Credit Centre - interested in outsourcing your credit management completely? BroadVision's Shared Services Credit Centre is ready to take on permanent administration of your AR function.