CashPro Plan™

CashPro Plan™

Bring significant improvement in cash and bank balance position.


CashPro Plan™ is a highly effective program to bring a significant improvement in your cash flow and liquidity position. It is designed to identify strategies for cash flow improvement, enhance profits and ultimately increase the business value. Through an analytical assessment process, the program delivers a high quality and in-depth situation assessment, cash flow and profit enhancement strategies and set of KPIs for two years. The focus of the program is to examine key business areas that directly impact the cash flows and profit margins such as sales, cost of sales, human resources, overheads, break-even assessment, debtors collection, stock reduction, and management of creditors.


To boost up cash flow, profits and enhance business value.


One-on-One personalized Business Advisory Sessions (over 6-8 weeks) plus a final 3-hour meeting where you receive complete set of deliverables.


  • Gain in-depth insights on key business drivers that directly impact cash flow and profitability.
  • Execute profit growth plan while ensuring healthy cash flows situation.
  • Pay clear focus on business areas impacting cash flow and profits.
  • Enhance value of your business through improved profitability and strong cash flows.


  • A comprehensive CashPro Plan ™ report – One comprehensive assessment report covering key business areas directly impacting the profitability and cash flow.
  • Strategy Document – A set of effective strategies and action plan to grow profit and improve cash balances.
  • Financial KPIs - Set of KPIs to drive the cash flows of your business that acts as a continuing guidance and a measuring gauge for your financial success.
  • Financial Projections - A comprehensive historical assessment of your last two years financial performance and projections for the next two years. The projections are aligned with your business expectations , and as a result, you have a ‘Known Outcome’ moving forward.

Who should use it?

  • Business is facing difficulty towards paying creditors / suppliers.
  • Having trouble in collecting money from customers.
  • Have frequent reliance on borrowings to meet operating expenditures.
  • The strategy is to increase the value of business for future sale, exit strategy etc.