Business MasterPlan™

Business MasterPlan™

Get a specialized business planning support to achieve financial success.


“Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire.” - Napoleon Hill


A two-day Business Planning workshop that helps organizations in building a solid strategic direction and exploring key areas to grow. Within ten days of completing the workshop, clients receive a Comprehensive Business Plan along with improvement strategies.


To build a powerful business plan, aligned to strategic business goals that sets clear business direction and ultimate outcomes in motion.


One on one or facilitated two-day business planning workshop for brainstorming, learning, collaboration and a focused direction.


  • Give your business a clear direction with a written business plan.
  • Have a cohesive and forward looking strategy in place.
  • Gain greater insights into your business.
  • Cut down the time needed to build a professional business plan.


  • A comprehensive 5 years strategic business plan - Clients will receive a copy of their business and strategy plans, which is specifically developed for business, including strategies for improvement, financial assumptions, and other key components of the business plan.
  • Financial Projections – The planning document comes with a five years income statement, summary balance sheet and annualized cash flow along with capital expenditure and future financing requirements.

Who should use it?

  • If you need a clear set of strategies for you to take your business to the next stage of growth.
  • You have been trying to complete a plan and need a professional support.
  • Need a comprehensive strategic business plan for your shareholders, Board or potential investors.