Business MasterAdvisory™

Business MasterAdvisory™

Experience our all-inclusive and on-going support for successful business plan development and execution.


“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” - Alan Lakein


Business MasterAdvisory™ is our signature offering to support development and implementation of business plans and setting new strategic direction. The program is built around improved cash flow, profitability and value growth.


To provide on-going support and services to develop and implement business plan and related strategies.


One-on-One personalized business advisory sessions on month to month basis where you receive complete set of deliverables and ongoing implementation services.


  • Professional support to implement business plan strategies.
  • Significantly increase success of plan execution.
  • Cost effective way to obtain otherwise costly consulting services.
  • Continuing business advice and support greatly enhances business performance.


  • Comprehensive Business Plan – Clients receive a copy of their business and strategy plans, which is specifically developed for business, including strategies for improvement, financial assumptions, and other key components of the business plan.
  • Strategy Document – A set of effective strategies and action plan to grow profit and improve cash balances.
  • Financial KPIs - Set of KPIs to drive the profitability of your business that acts as a continuing guidance and a measuring gauge for your financial success.
  • Financial Projections - Clients receive historical and projected summaries for income statement, balance sheet, business health check, and cash flow.
  • Ongoing implementation Support - Clients receive ongoing support to implement their strategies and business plan.

Who should use it?

  • Lacking in house resources to implement business plan strategies.
  • Hesitant to implement business plan strategies due to high cost to hire resources on full time basis.
  • In need of a continuous business consultation on business areas for renewed confidence and strong decision support.