Business FocusPro™

Business FocusPro™

Gain focus on key business areas that drive growth.


With Business FocusPro™ program, we help our clients to identify strategies for business improvement through a diagnostic process that results in a high quality, in-depth visual reports. The focus of the program is to align your business to gaining customers, increasing repeat business, improve competitiveness and achieve higher levels of profit and cash flow.


To improve business health and focus on business improvement in key areas that drive growth and profitability.


One-on-One personalized business advisory sessions (over 3 weeks) plus a final 3-hour meeting where you receive a summarized yet n-depth report and strategy action plan.


  • Gain valuable insights on key business areas requiring improvement.
  • Execute timely action plan to enhance growth and profitability.
  • Pay clear focus on business areas requiring immediate attention.
  • Uncover hidden problem areas well before they start hampering business growth and profitability.


  • A comprehensive business diagnostic report - Clients receive an in depth business diagnostics report with graphical representation (dashboards) of nine major areas of business as well as a drill down report defining sub-areas where our clients can place a sharper focus on individual areas for improvement. Your Business FocusPro™ report is a visual representation of the strengths and weaknesses within 9 key areas of your business.
  • Strategy Action Plan - Action plan covering next 90 days with individualized strategies to improve key business areas including Increasing Customer Numbers, Average Value of Sale, Buying Frequency, Profit (via Cost Of Goods & Expense reduction), Team, leadership, competitiveness and cash flow improvement.

Who should use it?

  • Business needs improvement but you’re not sure which areas.
  • Need suggested strategies for improvement as a guide.
  • Need a document your team can use as a focus point over the next 6-12 months.
  • You want a clear set of strategies to grow your business.
  • You want to know what is affecting your cash flow & how to improve it.